the beginning

To make a long story short, living in Detroit as a 30-something single woman with a bunch of 30-something year old single friends, Tiffany and her friends had grown out of the party scene and wanted to enjoy a night out and meet new people in the process.

The problem was that that besides hanging out at bars, there really weren't other viable options. The only guaranteed good time entailed going out to eat as a group to enjoy good food, drinks, and conversation, but that didn't solve the problem of meeting new people.


After curating a unique birthday dinner party experience that incorporated interactive games, discussions, collective food review, and prizes, Tiffany's friends encouraged her to consider hosting more dinner parties with mixed company because they had such a good

time and this was the kind of entertainment  

that the young professional crowd craved.

As a result, The Dining Clique was founded in 2015. 

TDC's core belief is "Good Food + Good Friends = Good Fun." Tiffany hosted themed dinner parties in the private rooms of various restaurants and venues in Metro Detroit that enabled strangers to connect and break bread with others while engaging in rich discussions, a lot of laughter, and having a great time. 

Tapping into over a decade of experience as an educator, Tiffany created different interactive activities that incorporated team building as a strategy to make "breaking the ice" feel organic and comfortable among strangers. Tables of strangers would erupt in laughter, shout for joy, and even engage in friendly banter with their competitors. By the time it was time to discuss, guards were down and people felt safe, comfortable and willing to openly share their opinions. 

Its commitment to creating a welcoming, vibrant environment for young professionals to meet new people is why it is officially Detroit's New Night Out!

The next riddle to solve was how to extend TDC's reach outside the confines of a restaurant's private room, so that more people would get in on the good vibes. 


While stumbling upon a trivia night while dining at a restaurant, Tiffany was appalled and inspired! If people could sit and be bored to oblivion by someone posing questions only brainiacs could answer, their lives would be forever changed if they actually had a fighting chance of winning without having a genius on their team or cheating, not to mention having fun while playing. 


 She had the perfect remedy to trivia night boredom tucked inside of TDC's "Make Friends" activities! And just like that, No Trivia Allowed was born.  

what is no trivia allowed?

NTA is a live hosted pop-up game show for families, friends, couples, or even the brave ones who wish to play alone. Our audio and visual interactive games are designed to disrupt the existing trivia night framework by focusing on fun, not facts.

Our host facilitates activities that causes everyone to interact with each other instead of their phones; unless, of course, the task calls for it.


No more attending a “sit and get” event where you quickly become disinterested because you’re clueless or bored by the same ol’ Q + A routine. Besides, who really cares if you know the correct answer to trivial facts the majority of the human population doesn't know because we don't!


We do, however, care deeply about you expressing your opinions on the things we're all passionate about like pop culture, celebrities, movies, music, social media and more!

DISCLAIMER: We do use trivia games and questions from time to time, but ONLY if it's fun! Promise.


how we do what we do

why we do what we do

The real objective is to get back to the basics and rekindle the flame with authentic human interaction.


We want our participants to maximize the time spent in the company of others by taking a break from mindless social media scrolling and connecting with one another through conversation, friendly competition, laughter, and good old fashion fun.

The highlight would be allowing the interactive experiences to be both as a group and as a team. It encouraged those who may be a little shy to feel comfortable. - L. Scott


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