what is the dining clique?

The Dining Clique

is a social club

that specializes in hosting

Premier Interactive Dining Experiences

for those who rather do away with the typical networking

and/or nightlife scene and enjoy a night of unpredictable fun instead.  

Our bespoke dinner parties

are a source of sophisticated entertainment

filled with ongoing candid conversations and contagious laughter that

organically strengthens existing relationships while establishing new ones. 

I didn't think I could have that much fun with all the people I love without stepping a foot out the door. Considering all that's going on in the world at this time, Tiffany's electric energy, wittiness, charismatic personality, and infectious laugh blessed us all with such a great time and made our whole day! 

- C. Spencer

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Fine Dining Restaurants.

Upscale Lounges.

Entertainment Venues.

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Team build, boost morale, or fundraise for a cause with a twist!

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28475 Greenfield Rd. Ste 113 PMB 70260 I Southfield, MI 48076



Office Hours: Mon. - Thurs. 10a - 3p

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